While you may have been planning to have the procedure for many years, the chances are some of your friends and family members may be in the dark about your desire to have surgery.

While choosing who you tell about your decision to have breast surgery is a personal decision that only you can make, there is probably a strong likelihood that the people around you have noticed the difference in your body.
If you’re a user of social media, like many of us are now, consider which photos you will be posting and how you want to introduce your body shape to your wider circles of friends.

Before you do make the decision to tell people, ask yourself whether this highly private information is worth sharing with just anyone. From the cost of your procedure, to the healing process, those closest to you will probably have many questions as they are introduced to your new body shape. While curiosity is natural, if the questions become too invasive, you can always direct your loved ones to your plastic surgeon – especially if any are considering following you in breast surgery, you want them to get the best care they can.

While the decision to change your body is highly personal, having the support of friends and family is an important part of the journey to the new you. Being able to speak openly about your breast surgery with loved ones can make the experience so much more rewarding.

Your relatives and inner circle of friends may be surprised by your decision to undergo the procedure, but once they see how happy you’ve become as a result of your surgery, they’re sure to offer plenty of support!