When women choose to have a breast augmentation, they are not just changing the way they look – they are also gaining a new lease on life. Breast implant surgery can help ladies enjoy a greater surge in confidence. Some women like to take a photo of themselves before surgery and compare with their photo after surgery to see how far they have come.

For many women undergoing surgery it is a significant decision and one they have been thinking about for quite some time. Many patients are drawn to the same questions about recovery.

Often women are concerned about how long it will take them to resume their normal activities like exercise and work. With these helpful tips you can gain an insight into the healing process and steps to make sure your road to recovery is smooth.

What should I expect during recovery?

During your breast augmentation consult with one of our Plastic surgeons, you will get a better understanding of the physical recovery from breast augmentation surgery. Usually mild pain is common after breast augmentation surgery, however this will lessen over the first week.

Swelling can also occur, however with the support of a compression surgical bra, you fast-track your recovery.

You will be prescribed the appropriate pain medication and antibiotics. During this time it is recommended to go for a few gentle walks outside, but don’t push yourself. Be sensible, listen to your body.

Returning to normal activities

In the days immediately following your surgery you will probably be feeling tired and a little discomfort, so rest is essential. During this time period it is important to take good care of yourself, as your skin and tissue adjusts to your new breast implants and breast size.

While you should strive to take it easy with other forms of exercise in the weeks after the procedure, you should be able to return to work approximately one week after the surgery.

The average time to return to the gym, yoga and swimming is four to six weeks. It is important not to sweat into the incision while it is healing. So limit activity and sun tanning until the incisions are healed and sealed. Going into a spa or pool after a month is usually Ok. Be sure to check with your plastic surgeon before returning to your workouts.