During pregnancy, a woman’s body transforms in amazing ways. While some of these changes are only temporary, others are permanent. Many of us are left with new figures and perhaps a slightly deflated chest.

Diet and exercise are effective methods for losing the extra weight gained during pregnancy, but diet and exercise do nothing to restore our breasts. For women wishing to recapture, or improve on their pre-baby bust, breast surgery may be the answer.

Breasts become larger during pregnancy, but after nursing a baby, they can decrease in size and even start to sag. With implants, women can continue to enjoy the fullness of a larger chest, while balancing their post-baby curves. The combination of bigger breasts and a curvaceous body can make women feel more attractive and more confident than ever.

Having a baby is a life-changing experience and while many women wouldn’t change it for the world, pregnancy can significantly change a woman’s body. For women who are struggling to get back into shape after welcoming their little one into the world, breast augmentation, a breast lift or a combination can help.

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