It may be a little early to start thinking about summer, but trust me ladies it will be here before we know it. If you have been considering any kind of breast surgery, whether it’s an augmentation (breast implants), a breast lift or breast reduction, winter is a great time of the year to hide yourself away and give yourself the best chance of recovery.

Most women aren’t ready to jump into a sexy bikini or glamorous one –piece swimsuit immediately after breast surgery. Sexy lingerie is also off the cards for at least 4 weeks while you recover in your post-operative garment or compression bra. Strenuous exercise is a no no until your breasts have well and truly settled. So why not make the most of the wintery weather indoors relaxing? Download your favourite TV episodes and movies, wear comfy, cosy clothes and indulge yourself in warm healthy winter dishes and delicious hot drinks. It’s no fun being stuck inside recovering from surgery in the middle of summer when everyone else is out enjoying themselves in the beautiful sunshine!

Every woman has the right to feel beautiful about her body and having breast surgery could be just the thing to improve your confidence. Don’t hide yourself this summer, get the look you have always wanted and make yourself feel like a more beautiful, confident you.