Areola stretching or nipple enlargement is a common concern for women that are getting a breast augmentation. However, it’s hard to say if this will happen to you as there are many factors which makes it different from patient to patient.

You should expect to see some natural stretch in your areolas after getting breast implants, but for most people, this change looks more proportionate with the larger size of the new breasts anyway. Also, if your areolas and nipples are naturally large, you may find that you are less bothered the size after the procedure.

If you are very concerned about the size of your areolas, talk to your surgeon about it before the procedure. In the worst case scenario, there are procedures and facilities to reduce areola size such as the Nipple and Areola Correction.

After your breast augmentation you can maintain your areola size by doing things like always wearing a supportive bra at all times.actual patient